Thursday, 19 June 2014

Simplygreat Health and Lifestyle campaign launch and expert tips on long-term healthy life style

SimplyGreat invited me  for the Launch of Simplygreat health and Life style campaign. So I spent Tuesday morning in the ME hotel, Radio roof top overlooking the beautiful central London views. I have written before about SimplyGreat Juice. Yummy Canapés and Delicious mocktails made with simplygreat juices kept flowing. Olympian Victoria Pendleton and Dr.Christian Jessen along with personal trainer Charlene Hutsebaut, nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed and behavioral psychologist Jo Hemmings  all came together to launch the be simply great  8-week challenge to help form new habits for long-term healthy life style.

Simply Great Health and Lifestyle Campaign Launch, Dr.Christian Jessen
Simply Great Health and Lifestyle Campaign Launch

 What inspired me to write this post was meeting the panel and their expert tips. Pilate instructor, Charlene made me and the other bloggers I met, do some simple exercises. One which I recommend you try, observe your posture, erect your back; what did you experience? Did you feel your ab muscles clenching. With the same posture stand on one leg, your ab muscles clench as if you were wearing a tight corset and practicing this simple corset exercise can make a lot of difference she added. Imagine doing that and a few more exercises every day for a few minutes. It sounds manageable and achievable, doesn’t it?  Details have been listed on the 8 week challenge notes. See the expert tips below.

If you want to have a go and see if these little things can make any difference than try the 8 week challenge with them to be simply great.

The be simply great campaign has hit the nail, as most of us today are impatient and are always on the lookout for instant results.  Everyone on the panel agrees on starting well before and taking small steps at a time, to see any long term results and stress on asking yourself if what I am doing is sustainable ? And I can’t agree more with them