Thursday, 24 April 2014

Mild Indian Chicken Curry

Mild Indian Chicken Curry
A deliciously creamy mild chicken curry without any cream, cashew nuts or yogurt.

Indian Chicken Curry
Indian Chicken Curry
If you are fond of mild curries, you definitely would order chicken korma in an Indian restaurant right?  Korma is usually a curry made from chicken marinated in yogurt, and gravy made from cashew paste and cream. Although it’s delicious once in a while it can also be a little way too creamy for some.
And so here is a recipe that’s mildly spiced with a hint of sweetness that comes from the fried onions and the tomatoes. And is really my take on a curry that I can cook confidently without worrying whether my guests would like it or not. As this is one super hit recipe.
So why don’t you try it?  And not to mention its super easy, made in few steps and very little ingredients.

Marinate the chicken, I grate the ginger and garlic directly on the chicken and add some oil, boneless chicken can turn dry and this addition of oil can prevent that

Marinate Chicken
Shallow frying/deep frying( as per your choice) the onions gives  a lovely color and a sweet caramelized taste

Fried Onions
Blanching the tomatoes helps in giving the curry a smooth texture and adds to the taste and cuts down the cooking time.

Blanch Tomatoes

Blanch Tomatoes

Finally puree the onions and tomatoes.

onion and tomato puree
Sauté, add spices and chicken and cook for 15 min

Add Chicken and cook

And Voila! Fast,fresh and simple Indian curry
Indian Chicken Curry
Indian Chicken Curry

Chicken- 2 Breast Fillets, Diced
Ginger and Garlic minced- 1tsp.
Oil – 2 tbsp. plus more for frying
2 Onions
4 small tomatoes
Garam Masala/ Curry Powder – 1 tsp
Chilly powder- ½ tsp
Turmeric -1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Coriander for garnish

Step 1:  
Marinate the diced chicken in a tbsp. of Oil and minced ginger garlic, leave aside.
Step 2.
Fill a wok/ small sauce pan  2 to 3 ladle with Oil and place on  medium heat for  shallow  frying,  slice onions evenly .Once ready, fry the onions to golden brown ( or just until caramelized), don’t overdo it as this would seriously affect the taste.
If using a deep fryer, set frying tempt at 170 degrees, if you want to check if the oil is ready for deep frying, to the Bread Test.
Don’t like frying, use store bought fried onions or simply caramelize the onions in a pan.
Step 2:
Bring some water ( 1 and a ½ cup depending on size of the tomatoes)  to boil in a small sauce pan, once boiled add the tomatoes and allow to blanch, it will take around 5 to 8 min till you see the skin of the tomatoes peeling.
Turn the heat off, drain the tomatoes and cold water, and allow cooling before peeling the skin of tomatoes.

Step 3:
Puree the fried onions (leaving about a tsp for garnish) and the peeled tomatoes.  Heat about a tbsp. of oil in a sauce pan, Add the pureed onion and tomato, sauté for 2 to 3 min.
Add the spices and salt to taste (little less as the chicken is already seasoned), mix and add in the marinated chicken pieces.  Cook for 15 min with the lid on or just until the chicken in cooked.

Garnish with chopped coriander and fried onions and its ready to serve with Naan bread or Rice, and a cooling Raita on the side.