Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Masala Chai/ Chai latte/ Masala Tea

Masala Chai/ Tea/ Chai Latte
Masala Chai

A wonderfully sweet, spicy and soothing tea.
Chai takes me back to those memories, sitting in the veranda sipping a cup of tea with mom and my siblings chatting  endlessly, India is all about endless conversations and the endless teas, and of course endless fun…I can never say no to a cup of chai. Indian streets, tea vendors, memories. ..It’s all about flavours isn’t it!

Crushed Ginger
Adrak/ Ginger

Speaking of flavours, Adrak vali chai / Ginger tea is a perfect pick me up and ginger has its own healing properties and so is Masala chai. Its fragrant, its spiced its sweet, its soothing and I bet you will fall in love with this one. If you have tried chai latte in one of the local coffee shops you know what I am talking about but this recipe is far more authentic. So whether it’s a windy rainy day, cold winter day or nice and sunny stand by the window and sip some masala chai and relax…

Serves - 2       


Tea bags- 2
Water-1 ½ cups
Evaporated Milk – 1 ½ cup
Cinnamon powder- ½ tsp
Cardamom powder- ½ tsp
Ginger crushed- 1 tsp
Sugar as per taste


      Bring  1 ½ cups of water to boil in a heavy bottom sauce pan, add crushed ginger, 2 tea bags and sugar to taste bring to a boil again.
      Add evaporated milk, cardamom and cinnamon powder and bring to a boil briefly ( evaporated milk doesn’t need to be excessively  boiled )
     Strain and serve!

Smell it. Sip it and relax….

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