Sunday, 19 January 2014

Stuffed Cherry tomatoes- easy canapé

Stuffed Cherry tomatoes
Stuffed Cherry tomatoes
These little cherry tomatoes  with a lovely filling of crème fraiche and more, is perfect for nibbles or for adding colour to your plates...its so easy to make and so easy to eat ( disappears instantly) simply delicious..

Stuffed Cherry tomatoes


Cherry tomatoes- as many as you like ( the filling recipe here should fill 20 cherry tomatoes)
2 tbsp.  Crème fraiche
1 tsp. Mayonnaise
finely chopped coriander and mint  ( 1 tsp.)
one tsp. of spring onions ( green part only)
one tbsp. finely chopped cucumber
salt and black pepper to taste


Cut the cherry tomatoes into two half's ( stem side down so the tomaotes remain stable), scoop out the seeds from each. and place them on a kitchen towel, cut side down to remove all the excess juices.

Cherry tomatoes, Coriander, Cucumber

Prepare the filling by mixing together finely chopped cucumber, spring onions,mayo and crème fraiche. season with salt and pepper.  Fill all the cherry tomatoes and start nibbling ;)

Stuffed Cherry tomatoes

What is your Favourite Canapé ?