Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Mango Lassi/ Mango smoothie/ Mango mocktail

Sunday was such a nice day, sunny and warm( at least when I was sitting at home and looking outside ;))  felt like  spring is already here and that called for a drink but not just any drink, but Mango Lassi my favorite.
Lassi is usually made of yoghurt and although enjoyed on its own, flavoured lassi is also very common.

If you love Mango your definitely going to love Mango lassi.


A can of Alphonso mango pulp ( I would love to use fresh mango but this is not something you'll find here)

Yoghurt about a Cup

milk( there is no fixed amount but roughly no more that 1/4th cup)

2 tbsp. Sugar.

Mint leaves to garnish or  a slice of ripened mango.

Ice ( optional)

Serves: 4 


In a smoothie maker or a blender add the mango pulp and yoghurt and blend it, this would be a thick consistency. Add  a little milk and sugar to taste and blend. If you would like it less thick you can increase the amount of milk. you could add ice in the blender if serving immediately if not leave it in the fridge.

Pour it in a glass filled with ice cubes garnish it  with a mint leaf  and its ready. Slurp!!!

What is your Favourite sunny day drink ?