Saturday, 25 January 2014

Valentines special Hot Chocolate

Hot Chcolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate; tell me do you know anyone?And with   Valentine’s Day just around the corner all I can see everywhere is chocolates.

 Which also got me thinking what should I make on Valentine’s Day Breakfast? Breakfast, yes but not just any breakfast it has to be special, well I will figure that out anyway but it’s definitely not going to be tea or coffee it’s going to be  Hot chocolate! My OH’s favorite.
Hot chocolate is a perfect pick-me-up drink, and is not reserved for special days alone so I couldn’t resist making one. And this hot chocolate recipe is simply irresistible so why not give it a shot…. 

Serves: 2
 150 gm of your favorite chocolate bar or cooking chocolate (Milk or Dark, I prefer milk and I used a hazelnut milk chocolate bar)
2 Mugs of Milk
Drinking chocolate powder  
For garnish: whipped cream and grated chocolate to garnish or some drinking chocolate.

Boil the milk in a sauce pan add the chocolate and mix well till all the chocolate melts (I used crushed as it contained nuts, and strained it in the end).  Use a whisk for a frothy consistency; Reheat it in microwave if you like.
Transfer to the mug, sprinkle some drinking chocolate powder (I like it extra chocolaty). If you are going to use whipped cream to garnish add the drinking chocolate powder and stir, then top it with cream and grated chocolate and Serve.

So this valentine’s day whether your alone or with your friends or with that someone special, start off your morning with this delicious hot chocolate, in fact why wait so long !!!