Friday, 17 January 2014

Green Lentil Soup

This is my first post of turning  left overs to something delicious and so its rather easy and something that might be on the back of your mind too, so I made some green lentil curry ( recipe at the end of this post)  for dinner last night and had some left over. No way I was going to eat it again as a curry/ daal so I did this...

Not very appetising I know ! So I put it in a blender 

Transferred it to a pan and brought it to a boil... 

Seasoned it with some black pepper ( salt if you diluted it), squeeze in some lemon juice 

Added  some cream  (you could add croutons if you like), garnished it and there it is ...

green lentil soup! definitely appetising!

Green lentil daal/ curry:

pressure cook ( or a in a pan cook till mushy consistency) 1 cup of split green mung daal / split green lentil , one clove of garlic, one chopped tomato, green chilly, a pinch of asafoetida   for three whistles. Once done, dilute the daal with some water add salt to taste Next heat  about a table spoon of oil in a separate pan, add cumin seeds allow it to splutter add some curry leaves transfer this to the boiled daal ( or lentil curry) and its ready!